OPERATION: Dark of the Moon


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This website is dedicated to the memory and preservation of 148 Squadron, (Special Duties-S.O.E.), R.A.F. During the period from, 14th of March 1943, to the 31st of December, 1945.

However, there were ten such, 'Special Duties-S.O.E' Squadrons, which deserve equal respect.

They were:

138 Squadron R.A.F

148 Squadron R.A.F

158 Squadron R.A.F,

1586 Special Duties Flight R.A.F

301 Squadron P.A.F

161 Squadron R.A.F

296 Squadron R.A.F

298 Squadron R.A.F

624 Squadron R.A.F

31 Squadron S.A.A.F


This period is relatively 'dark' in the history of the Squadron in its 'Balkan Air Force' guise. Many of the flight crew, the agents, and their activities, are fading into obscurity as the last living members from that era pass into history.

The aim of this website is to preserve, for posterity, that history and, to recover as much information as possible from that period.

Why OPERATION: Dark of the Moon? This refers to the, widespread, and erroneous, belief, in the S.O.E "practice" of, 'delivering' agents, and supplies, at "Midnight" on the "Dark of the Moon"!

This is a time worn myth, that has no basis in fact! The crews flew missions every day, and every night as well, in many cases, in fair, or foul weather!

Theirs was a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week effort!

Their effect would have been zero, had they only operated during the "Dark of the Moon".


The truth lies in two places:

The crews of seven very young men, and the Halifax Mk.II, "BII" S.O.E. Special, that they flew!


All persons with an interest, or a relative, who was active, both Allied, and Axis, at that time, and place, in the Balkans, are welcome.